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The Great Protection Racket

Posted by blogolodeon2 on August 5, 2007

Today at Yearly Kos, Chris Dodd hit big with his pitch for public financing of campaigns. Yeah, right.

It just dawned on me: Hillary Clinton has been put on the inevitabilty train by virtue of the big bucks she’s raised. And by that virtue alone. But the money isn’t important because all the advertising she will be able to buy will get her message out and persuade votes her way.

It’s important because all the advertising she will buy will boost the bottom line of the mainstream television outlets. They want that campaign advertising money, and they are happy to declare the one with all the money the frontrunner.

It’s a racket. The corporations supply the money to the candidates who funnel it to the media who disseminate the narrative that keeps us in bondage and powerless. It doesn’t matter that the commercials are mindless; the candidates don’t give a shit whether we watch the ads or not. They care about the narrative the networks will tell, and by plying the networks with all those advertising dollars, they guarantee the tone of the coverage.

You want journalism? Reportage? How quant.


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The Clueless Concern of the Aristocracy

Posted by blogolodeon2 on August 3, 2007

See the clip at this story in the WaPo. Charles Dickens in the 21st century. When the waitress talks about the burden of her insurance premiums and co-pays, Romney doesn’t even know what the words mean. It’s probably to be expected that an aristocrat should think of a waitress as a lower form of creature beneath his notice. But that an aristocrat running for high office doesn’t even care to pretend to care about the lives of the lower orders shows just how established is the New Guilded Age.

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I Knew They Were the Forces of Darkness

Posted by blogolodeon2 on August 3, 2007

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Edwards, and a system reset

Posted by blogolodeon2 on July 29, 2007

Al Gore — and I love the guy; iin some parallel universe, he was inaugurated in 2000 and even the honeybees are thriving — has passed the tipping point with me.

I have long said: If Al Gore doesn’t run, then I am for John Edwards. No more. John Edwards For President 2008.

I want my country back to the future. I want America to be America again, in a new iteration based on a system reset dated somewhere in 1999.

All the other candidates have some stake in the continuation of the New Aristocracy. John Edwards is a democrat, in the lower-case-d best sense of the word. If he becomes the next president, we have a chance.

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Edwards Re-Gore-Gitates on the MSM

Posted by blogolodeon2 on July 25, 2007

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Digby Hits Another One

Posted by blogolodeon2 on July 19, 2007

Sayeth the Soothsayer:

“Never make a bet that Republicans will do the right thing. You can’t even count on them to act in their own self-interest — witness their just tanking the immigration bill that will probably sink their chances of a real majority for many years to come. Their only purpose in government is to steal from the taxpayers, help their rich friends, cover up their leaders’ crimes and destroy Democrats. That’s it. That’s all they do.”

(emphasis added)

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The Haircut Badge of Honor

Posted by blogolodeon2 on May 2, 2007

Okay. I am sick of this weah weah weah $400 haircut crap!

It has brought me out from under my rock.

This has to stop.

Paging Mr. Edwards . . . . Sir? That $400 you paid for your haircut is a badge of honor you should wear proudly!

Does anyone ever think in this country anymore? What do you think happened here? Do you think a candidate for the presidency of the United States of America — any candidate — shleps on over to Jo’s Barber Shop, sits down for a spell, pulls out the newspaper, chews the fat with the boyz while waiting for his turn, pays his money and takes his chances?

Do you?

Or do you think a candidate for the presidency of the United States of America, through his/her handlers, has arranged for a very good, very talented stylist to come to the candidate to perform desired sartorial prestidigitation?

Now, we all know Republicans are dedicated to the proposition that no men are created equal and that the lowlies of this world, like hair-cutters, should be paid crap for their work.

But I have a feeling Mr. Edwards does not believe this. I have a feeling that Mr. Edwards, knowing the stylist probably had to cancel all his other appointments for that day, paid the guy/gal for an entire day’s work, plus travel time or whatever.

Isn’t this a good thing?

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Republican Dictionary

Posted by blogolodeon2 on April 2, 2007

voter fraud

1. voting while black.

2. voting while poor.

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Do Not Feed the Lucy

Posted by blogolodeon2 on February 25, 2007

It’s nothing new, yet it’s the “news.” Jamison Foser at Media Matters explains it all for us again.

The media are infiltrated and permeated by stenographers oh-so-willing to transfer RNC talking points directly and without mediation into the zeitgeist. This is what they do. They must be retrained.

Democrats must stop feeding the Lucy. They must stop holding the football for her. Democrats have to refuse to give comments on RNC talking points. And most of all, they must stop going on Fox News!! At all.

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Posted by blogolodeon2 on February 16, 2007

There is a way for the United States of America to redeem itself.

What if, before WWII, the German people had risen up, thrown the Nazi party out of power, and put Hitler et al in prison?

What if, before George W. Bush and his cabal destroy the planet, the American people rise up, throw the Republican Party out of power, and put Bush & Co. in prison?

We’ve done the toss-the-Republican Party party. As for the rest, I’m not holding my breath.

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